Once you have your Artboard layout ready, it's time to add the creative assets you want to test.

From Template Mode, navigate to Variants Mode by clicking the green button in the upper right that says "Add Variants."

Drag and drop image and text assets onto the correct elements that you want to replace.

On the right, the asset types you put into your Artboard when you made the template will be listed, along with the original placeholders you used:

To the left, you'll see the Asset options down the lefthand side for text, images, etc.:

Click on the asset type you want to work with. Then, drag and drop the versions onto the Artboard.

As you do this, you'll see the asset list grow on the right to reflect what you've added.

Here's an animation of this process:

To remove variant versions, just click the "x" on the right side of the asset.

Once you're done adding the variants to your test, click on "Generate" in the upper right hand corner to generate variants. That's when Marpipe's magic happens, and all of your versions are made!

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