Editing an Asset Name

Double click on an asset or hover on it and select the "pencil" icon to view its details:

In the panel that opens, edit the asset’s name in the top field.

Editing the Focal Point of an Image

In that same editing panel, you can also edit the focal point of your images. This will shift what renders as the image's center when it's used in an experiment.

In the editing panel, slide the white dot around to leave it on where the focal point should be.

You can also manually specify the x and y coordinates in the fields below your image.

Editing an Asset's Tags

If you would like to edit the Tags associated with an Asset, this can also be done in the editing panel.

At the bottom of the panel, there's a field to search through existing tags, or add your own.

You can hit the "x" next to any tag to remove it from that asset.

Editing Text Assets

To edit a text version, click the pencil icon on the text asset you want to work with:

The editing panel will open on the right. You can edit the text in the box, and/or choose a color category to assign it to.

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