To build & run high performing Facebook Ad campaigns, it's important to follow Facebook's Best Practices. Use Marpipe to help amplify those best practices.

Aspect Ratios

Use vertical or square aspect ratio. Use a vertical or square aspect ratio. Most people hold their phones vertically, so you’ll cover more of their screen.

How Marpipe Helps

Marpipe offers 3 aspect ratios for ad creation: 1x1, 16x9, and 9x16.

Text in Image

Avoid text on images: If you can, use the text/headline/link description boxes instead. If you have to use text on your image, try a smaller font and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image

How Marpipe Helps

Giving customers the ability to easily test multiple image assets may encourage users to use less text. Additionally, customers can test text & headline out of the image using Marpipe.

Carousel allows you to show several images for people to scroll through at the same cost. It’s a great opportunity if you have lots of product or brand images.

How Marpipe Helps

With Marpipe, you can test all of your image assets at once. We suggest that our customers run a multivariate test to learn about their image creative, then use those learnings in their carousels for scaling.

Calls to Action

Use calls to action: A range of call-to-action (CTA) buttons are available for Facebook and Instagram ads. These buttons draw attention and encourage people to engage with your ad.

How Marpipe Helps

When launching an experiment in Marpipe, you are required to select a CTA before being able to launch.

Small Image Changes

If you think your image ads could be more effective, try these tips for creating ads with a single point of focus. Small changes can increase your chances of grabbing people’s attention.

How Marpipe Helps

The thesis behind Marpipe’s testing methodology is that small changes in creative can have massive impacts. Our users are encouraged to test incrementally different versions of their ads to find winners & learn.

Variable-Focused Testing

Test only one variable for more conclusive results. You’ll have more conclusive results for your test if your ad sets are identical except for the variable that you’re testing.

How Marpipe Helps

Marpipe is built for multivariate creative testing. Our system enables users to build modular creative, test every version, and discover which assets are most impactful.

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