First off let's create a new experiment by clicking Create Experiment from the Experiments page. Choosing "Blank Canvas" will bring us to the Ad Builder's Template Mode. In Template Mode we will be using our own assets as placeholders to create an ad template that will be used to create up to 1,500 creative variations.

Adding assets

First let's add an image onto our canvas as a placeholder. Click the image library icon on the top left of the page. Once here we can click the Upload button and choose an image asset to use as our background placeholder & and another to use as our product image placeholder.

Placing Elements

Now let's add our background image placeholder by dragging it on the canvas. Once placed, we can are able to the element's properties on the right panel. For background elements we should use cover mode to make sure our image fills the entire container.

When we add the product image on top of our background we can leave it in contain mode so no part of it will ever get cropped out.

Adding Text

It's time for us to add some copy to our ad. By clicking the text library icon and then the create copy button, we are now able to add one or multiple Text assets to use in our ad.

Once we add our text placeholder on the canvas, we can style it from the properties panel on the right side of the screen.

Fixed Layers

Lastly, we want to use our company logo in our ad - BUT we won't be testing our logo. Once we upload and add our logo to the canvas we will mark it as fixed from the layers panel on the left side. Fixed layers can not hold multiple variants once we go into the next step of the process.

Next Step: Add Variants

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