Launching Your Experiment

It's hard uploading all this creative. Thats why we've made it as easy as possible.

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It's time to click the button that we've wanted to click the entire time. LAUNCH

Select your experiment & connect your Facebook account from the pop-up window

Once Facebook is connected, you will be prompted to select an ad account, Facebook page, and Instagram page to link to your current workspace.

Launch Settings

After connecting Facebook and choosing a campaign type, we are able to define the settings for our experiment.

In settings we can add multiple versions of the out of image copy that will appear in the variants we have already created

Additionally we can blast out our creative test to multiple of our saved audiences. Notice that each thing we add to our test changes our total ads and thusly our minimum budget.

Once our settings have been established we are clear for launch

View Your Campaign

Within a few minutes, our ads will have appeared in our selected Facebook account.

After all of the ads have passed review, Marpipe will turn the campaign on and our experiment will run until our maximum budget has been reached.

Next Step: View Results

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