Introduce the ways to manage multiple artboards and edit various of artboard properties

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Multiple Artboards are for the Multivariate Testing Product Only

Artboards serve as a means to create design variations. Multiple artboards can be added to the canvas area. Element properties like colors, font, size, and position are unique to each artboard. In Marpipe, each artboard shares the same variant layers to keep the variants consistent across all of the design variations.

You can design artboards in multiple sizes simultaneously by editing the artboard placement variants.

Add, Clone and Remove Artboards

Add Artboards

To add a new artboard, click on the + icon at the bottom of Ad Builder. Only variant layers will appear on the new artboard.

Clone Artboards

Select the Clone button on the top right corner of the artboard to duplicate it. The new, cloned artboard will retain all the layers from the original artboard.

Remove Artboards

Select the Trashcan icon on the top right corner of the artboard to remove it.

Edit Artboard Properties

Edit artboard name

  1. Click the artboard name above the artboard you want to edit

  2. Input a new name

  3. Click outside area of the input to confirm the change.

Edit artboard background color

  1. Click on the background color tile above the artboard you want to edit

  2. Select a new color on the color picking panel

  3. Click on the outside area of the color picking panel to confirm the change.


  • Select on the artboard thumbnails in the bottom bar to quickly pan through the artboards.

  • Layers of each artboard are separated. You are not able to move a layer from one artboard to another. You can copy a fixed layer and paste to another artboard.

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