Every Artboard you make in Marpipe consists of "Layers" - these are the individual assets that make up your creative version.

In Marpipe, there are two types of Layers: Variant Layers and Fixed Layers.

Variant Layers and Fixed Layers

Variant Layers & Fixed Elements

These are the elements that you will be experimenting with in your test.

When you set a layer as a variant layer, it becomes a placeholder that allows you to add more assets versions/variants when you move on to Variant Mode. Common variant layers are usually things like a product shot, a background picture, a headline, etc., in other words, the things that are usually tested.

To mark something as a Variant, look at the layer and click on the test tube icon.

Fixed Layers/Elements

These exist solely for decorating the design, and isn't an element you're testing different versions of. However you put it on your Artboard, it will stay that way in every ad version you create when you add your testing variants.

To set a layer as fixed, go to the layer and click the push pin icon.

Moving Layers

Click and drag on the handle in front of each layer to move them up and down.

Renaming Layers

Double-click on a layer to rename it.

Here is a quick animation of dragging and dropping, locating variant and fixed commands, and how your Layers render when you move on to adding Variants:

Changing a Layer's Properties

Each layer you add has its own properties. Click on the Layer, and to the right of your Artboard, you will see the properties of that Layer.

You can edit, tweak, and change things for it, as needed:

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