The Marpipe Ad Builder is where the rubber starts to meet the road on your ad testing adventures.

It's where you will design your ad templates, arrange elements, change colors, add graphics, and everything else relating to designing your visual ad elements.

Accessing Ad Builder

To get to the Ad Builder, go over to the left-hand navigation section labeled "Create" and click on it.

This will take you to a section where you can either choose an existing Design to work with, or you can Click "Create New."

Sections of the Ad Builder

The Ad Builder has three sections within it, each its own step in launching an Experiment:

  • Template Mode: This is where you create the "skeleton" of your ad, deciding where images, text, and graphic elements will go in the ad's layout.

  • Variant Mode: This is where you drag and drop your creative versions onto your template.

  • Generate Mode: In this screen, Marpipe will generate all your ad versions, based on the template and variants you input in the previous steps. You'll be able to see the final version of them, and make sure they look the way you want.

  • Launch Mode: This is the final step, where you set up your Campaign information (targeting, budget, etc) and launch your Experiment.

Each of these items are covered here in the Help section on the Ad Builder.

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