Before you can make anything, the first step is to upload the creative assets you'll be using in your ads.

Here's a quick video walkthrough of the Assets section for you, with a written version below it if you prefer to read:

Asset Types & Creation

There are five types of assets in Marpipe:

  1. Images

  2. Graphics

  3. In-Image Copy (copy that will appear in the visual creative portion of your ad)

  4. Out-of-Image Copy (the text copy that shows above and below your ad within the Facebook feed)

  5. Videos

Images, graphics, and videos are all uploaded in your Asset Library. Images can be .jpg or .png. Graphics must be .svg. Videos can be .mp4 or .mov file types.

Your In-Image and Out-of-Image Ad Copy are typed up within Marpipe.

Go to Add Assets > Add Text to access the text input boxes. Don’t worry about adding line breaks when creating text. You can turn text wrapping on after you add it to your art board.

Setting Up Your Brand Standards

To make your ads consistent with your branding, set up default brand fonts and your exact brand colors.

You can do this in the Branding section.

At the top of the screen you'll see sections for "All Assets," "Public Collections," and then "Branding." Click on Branding > Upload Branding. You will see the options for adding your brand color using the color picker, or by typing in the exact hex code.

In that same dropdown, choose Branding > Upload Font. You can upload .otf or .ttf file types.

Now it's Time to Create!

You have assets ready, and your brand standards uploaded.

Now for the fun part: creating your ads!

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