All the pieces are in place for your ad tests, so it's time to set them free!

Here's a quick video with a rundown on how to launch your Experiment. You can also read the step-by-step below it.

How To Launch Your Experiment

Head over to the left menu, and click on the purple button that says "Launch."

It will show all the experiment options you have. Click on the set of ads that you want to run.

Then, you will choose the platform you want to run on, which is going to be Facebook/Instagram.

Setting Up Your Campaign

If you're familiar with Facebook Ads, this should feel pretty familiar.

Just like in their setup process, you will choose your Ad Campaign objective and Performance Goals.

Then, you'll be placed in a longer setup screen, where you will fill in your targeting, budget, URL, and all the other fields for your Campaign's targeting.

Now is also finally where you will select your Out-of-Image ad copy to test. Keep your eye on the totals in the summary panel to your left; this will update your total ads and ad sets as you add on Out-of-Image copy versions.

A Note on Audiences

One thing that IS different within Marpipe versus Facebook Ads' interface is you can't build an audience on the fly.

You can only choose from your Saved Audiences, so make sure you have things like ages, demographics etc pre-made and saved there in Facebook's interfect.

Budget Allocation

This is also where you can adjust your budget, but note it won't let you do that until all the other fields are filled out.

As you change your budget and choose your test length, your per ad set-budget will update for you in the left hand summary area. This is a good time to evaluate whether your per-ad budget makes sense. If your budget is too small for each ad group, you'll never get enough data to learn much.


You can also choose the placements you want your ad to run in, and choose the correct sizes for each one if you have formatted different versions for placements like Stories.


Once everything is filled out and you're ready, click "Review Launch." You'll get one more time to take a look at your creative and make sure it's exactly as it should be. If it is, review that final summary screen and hit "Launch."

Once you do this, Marpipe and Facebook will be BFFs for a few minutes. Marpipe will automatically set up your campaign, and then one ad set per creative version.

Campaigns rarely go live right away, and you will see your Marpipe status update accordingly. Something that can be confusing on the Facebook side is you'll login and see the Campaign is simply paused. This is its normal state, and you DO NOT have to toggle it live. It will automatically do it once Marpipe has finished its part, and Facebook has approved it.

If for any reason you need to pause your Campaign, you need to do it within Marpipe. If you do it in Facebook, Marpipe will turn it back on.

You Did It!

Congrats! You launched your first Experiment, and you're on your way to some juicy findings.

Marpipe's Intelligence interface is where you'll start to see that data as it comes in. You can learn all about how to use it here.

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