When your design opens in Ad Builder, you'll start with a screen that looks like this (we put an example ad in here, of course):

This is where you can create your the initial layout of your Artboard, like where you want text to be, where you want your test images to go, etc.

Let's take a sec to walk through this to get you comfortable with where things are.

First, let's look at the main navigation elements on the top and left, highlighted here:

Top Navigation:

This top-most navigation shows you all the working areas in the Ad Builder: Edit Template, Add Variants, Generate Creative and finally, Launch.

These are the steps you follow to launch your Experiments.

You'll notice in the upper right there's a green button for "Add Variants" that will take you to that next step when you're ready.

Left Navigation:

In the left are all the options for working on your Template:

There are choices for different visual elements, depending on what you want to work with, like text, branding, images, and graphics:

The Design Area

Within these two areas we showed above is where your canvas and your list of elements live. It's highlighted here in red:

As you add elements to your design, they appear as "Layers," and are listed to the left of your image.

You can edit a Layer's properties when you click on it, and the right hand area labeled Properties appears. It will show you the information, and what you can change about the chosen Layer.

You should now have a general idea of the layout of the Template Editor within the Ad Builder. For specific walkthroughs on using each of these features, check out our other Help section articles on the Ad Builder.

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