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Placement Variants

Learn how use artboard placement variants

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Placement variants are essentially the available sizes for an artboard to be rendered out as the final creatives. Within a design, transform and other certain property edits that take place for a selected placement variant are saved to that particular placement variant and artboard.

Here is a full work through of how to use artboard placement variants:

Edit a placement variant

  1. Click the canvas size button on the top pf the page to open the placement selector

  2. Select a platform that you want to run your ads on

  3. Select a placement variant (size) under the platform

  4. Make edits on the elements in the selected placement variant

Clear edits of a placement variant

  1. Select an edited placement variant.

  2. Click Clear edits of current size button on the bottom of the placement selector panel.

Select placement variants in the Launcher

From the placement section in the launch settings, you are able to assign different sizes of the design you created in the Ad Builder to different placements.

  1. Click on a placement option in the launcher

  2. Select a size of design that fits the placement

  3. Click Save to assign the selected size to this placement


  • The following properties of an element will be saved to the individual placement variant particularly:

    • Transform (position/rotation/scale)

    • Image opacity

    • Image mode (contain/cover)

    • Text opacity

    • Text color

    • Text size and line height

    • Text alignment

    • Text auto size mode

    • Text layout

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