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How will Facebook's changes due to iOS 14 impact Marpipe testing?
How will Facebook's changes due to iOS 14 impact Marpipe testing?
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Apple's iOS 14 updates have already made an impact on Facebook advertisers, and there's still more to come. Here's a quick review of everything Facebook has said will be changing and how it impacts testing with Marpipe.

Account Consolidation

Facebook will be limiting the number of Ad Accounts that advertisers can use for iOS 14 App Install campaigns. For your iOS 14 campaigns, you can connect Marpipe directly to that single Ad Account.

Campaign & Ad Set Consolidation

There is a limit of 9 campaigns per app and 5 ad sets per campaign for all app install campaigns targeting iOS 14 users. Here are some ways to combat this change:

  1. Run small, rapid tests instead of larger tests to collect your Marpipe data.

  2. If testing for app events, test with regular, Purchase-optimized campaigns that link to a landing page connected to your app. You'll need to make sure your event tracking connects - similar to how Purchase events show data Mobile App Purchases.

  3. Run your tests against iOS users that are not on iOS 14.

Sharing Permissions

For Marpipe Pro customers, make sure to give "Develop app" level permissions from Business Settings.

Event Tracking Changes

Apple’s new iOS 14 requirements will impact how Facebook receives and process conversion events from tools like the Facebook pixel and Facebook SDK for iOS. You may need to make updates to your web or app event setup to continue to deliver ads to iOS 14 users. Check out Facebook's guide on this here. Marpipe's data is collected directly from your Facebook Ad Account, as long as your tracking data in Facebook, we can use it!

Reporting Updates for the Apple iOS 14

Facebook data may be delayed up to 3 days, as they will no longer support real-time reporting in iOS 14 campaigns. To account for this, Marpipe Pro reporting is complete about 5 days after a test completes. Marpipe platform tests do not currently account for delayed attribution.

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