Marpipe Asset Library is where you upload, create and manage your assets. The types of the assets include: images, graphics, in-image copy, out-of-image copy, videos. Each asset type has accepted file types and specs.

View Assets by Type

To view assets by different types, click an asset type in the left sub navigation

Assets Types

Image Asset

Image asset is an uploaded file that that does not move and has a fixed pixel size.

  • Allowed Formats: jpg, png

  • Max Size: 200mb

Graphic Asset

Graphic asset is an uploaded file that that does not move and has a variable pixel size. Graphics feature editable colors (no more than 6 colors) within the Ad Builder.

  • Allowed Formats: svg

  • Max Size: 200mb

All uploaded SVG files will be put into the graphic section automatically

Copy Asset

There are two types of text Marpipe can test: In-Image Copy & Out-Of-Image Copy. Both of these text types can be tested in Marpipe. You will use them at different steps in your launch process.

From copy section, you can switch between in-image copy and out-of-image copy by click on the copy type switcher on the top of the page

  • In-image copy

In-image copy are words that appear within your visual design, like headlines, promotions, etc. In-Image copy is used in the Ad Builder when you create your ads.

  • Out-of-Image Copy

Out-of-Image Copy is special cousin of the text asset that fills out multiple fields in the post copy of an ad. For example in Facebook, Marpipe sets the headline and post copy field simultaneously from one Out of Image Copy Asset. Only some platforms let users run ads that feature both media and copy.

You won't need to set the out-of-Image copy until you are all the way to the Launcher, but you can still put it in your Assets Library to be ready to use.

Video Asset:

Video asset is an uploaded file of the moving image variety.

  • Allowed Formats: mp4, mov (Alpha channel not supported yet)

  • Max Size: 200mb

Add Assets

Click Add Assets button on the top right of the page to upload image/graphic assets or create in-image copy or out-of-image copy assets.

Add Branding Assets

You are able to view and add your branding colors and fonts into Assets Library to use in your ad creative later.

  1. From Assets Library, click Branding tab on the top nav.

  2. Click Upload Branding button on the top right of the page to add branding colors or upload fonts

Custom Fonts

  • Font Integrations: Google Fonts API

  • Font Allowed formats: otf, ttf

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