Under "Branding Tab" in Asset Libary, you are able to add branding colors and upload branding font files for use in your ad creative.

Add Colors

Click the "Upload Branding" button in the header, and select "Add Color". Then you are able to add your branding colors in the Adding Branding Color modal.

Add Fonts

Click the "Upload Branding" button in the header, and select "Upload Font". Then select one or multiple font files (.ttf or .otf) from your local file manager and select upload.

The font files you uploaded will display as font families on the page.

Once you added your own branding assets, you can use them when you are creating ads in Ad builder

Apply Color in Your Ad Creative

By selecting the branding section in the left navigation, you can see all the branding colors you added.

Select any graphic assets on your Canvas and click one of the branding colors, the color will be applied to the graphic.

Apply Font in Your Ad Creative

Select any text asset on your canvas and open the font selector, you will find the customized font you uploaded will be shown as the first option. Click to apply the font.

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