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Adding and Using Brand Assets
Adding and Using Brand Assets
Learn how to add branding colors and fonts to the Library and use them in the Ad Builder
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Under Branding tab in Assets Library section, you can add your brand's colors and fonts for use in your ad creative.

You can navigate to the branding page by click the branding tab in the top navigation

Adding Brand Colors

  1. Click Upload Branding button in the header

  2. Click Add Color(s)

  3. From the Add New Branding Color(s) window, click on the color tile, the Color Picker appears.

  4. Pick a color in the color panel, or input a HEX code to change the color

  5. Click + if you want to add more branding colors

  6. Click Save Color(s) to finish adding.

Adding Brand Fonts

  1. Click Upload Branding button in the header

  2. Click Upload fonts

  3. Select one (or multiple) font files from your local computer

  4. Click Open to upload

The font files you uploaded will display as font families on the page. The accepted font file types are otf, ttf.

Use Branding Assets in the Ad Builder

Once you added your own branding assets to the Assets Library, they'll be available to use when you're creating ads in Ad Builder.

Using Brand Colors in Your Ad Creative

  1. From Ad Builder, click Branding tab in the left navigation

  2. Select a graphic or text element

  3. Click one of the branding color tiles in the branding panel on the left

That color will be applied to the graphic fill or text fill .

Using Brand Fonts in Your Ad Creative

The customized font you uploaded will be shown as the first option in the font select dropdown in the text property panel. The customized font in the dropdown will have a 'user icon' in front of it. To apply a customized font to a text element:

  1. Select a text element on the canvas

  2. Click the font dropdown in the text property panel on the right

  3. Click on a customized font

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