Graphic Layer Properties
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Upload Graphic Assets:

  1. From left navigation, click Graphics tab

  2. Click Upload Graphics from the graphic panel

  3. Choose one or multiple SVG files from your local computer

  4. Click Open to upload

Add Graphic Assets to the Canvas

From the graphic panel, you can view all the graphic assets you uploaded. Drag a graphic asset onto the canvas to add it to your design.

Edit Graphic Colors

Marpipe will display all the colors the graphic element contains and allow you to edit the color by selections. Each of your graphic assets should have no more than 6 colors in order for the colors to be editable in the Ad Builder.

  1. Select a graphic element

  2. Click the color rectangle next to Fill in the property panel

  3. Adjust the fill color using the color field and color slider. You can also input a HEX code to change the color

Resize Graphic Assets

Select a graphic element, drag the circular handles on its bounding box to resize. A graphic asset can be scaled two ways inside the element box. You can edit the graphic scaling mode from the graphic property panel on the right side of the page.

Stretch Mode scales the graphic to fill entire element box. The graphic might lost its original aspect ratio.

Preserve Mode keeps the graphic its original aspect ratio inside the element box and won't be stretched or cropped. The graphic will always be placed in the center of the element box.

Double click on one of the handles to revert the graphic to its original aspect ratio.

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