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Learn how to manage and organize your assets using tags

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Tags give users a way to organize their assets within an account. An asset can have many tags but a tag can only belong to one categories.

Tags help you understand the performance of larger themes as a whole in your advertising. You can break-down and filter by tags within intelligence insights. When viewing tags within intelligence, tags are grouped by category to make it easy to tell which tags are meant to be compared directly.

Here is an example of how you can understand performance through tags in the intelligence.

An overview of the tag page in the Assets Library section:

Create New Tags

  1. From Assets Library > All Assets page, click All Tags in the tags section in the left navigation

  2. Click Create New Tag on the top right of the page

  3. Input Tag Name in the create a new tag window

  4. Select a category in the category dropdown to add this tag to

  5. Click Done

You can also create a new tag when you are adding assets to tags. Click New Tags in the Add Tags window to create.

Edit Tags

  1. Click the option menu of a tag

  2. Click Edit Collection

  3. Edit Tag name or the category of the tag

  4. Click Done

Add Assets to Tags

  1. From the assets page, hover on an asset

  2. Click Add to Tags (Ribbon icon)

  3. Select one or multiple tags in the Add Tags window

  4. Click Add Tags to Assets button to confirm

To add multiple assets to tags at once, hold Ctrl (Cmd) to select multiple assets and hover on either one of them and click Add to Tags (Ribbon icon)

Remove Assets from Tags

  1. Click a tag in the tag page to view all the assets that belong to this tag

  2. Hover on an asset

  3. Click X

  4. Click Remove in the confirmation window

Remove an asset from a tag won't delete it from the Assets Library.

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