Ok, buckle up, because it's the moment you've been waiting for: you're going to use the Marpipe magic to create your Experiment in minutes!

Here's a quick demo on how it works, with written notes after it:

Creating Ad Variants

On the upper right, click on Add Variants.

This will pop open assets you can start dragging and dropping.

Click on the asset, drag it over holding down your mouse button, and let it go over the layer you want it to be put into.

As you do this, you'll see a running list on the right of each place in the template that can have a variant, and what you've dropped in. There is also a running tally at the top that keeps you updated on how many total versions are now in your test.

(As a side note, elements that appear OUT of your image, like your out-of-image ad copy, aren't added until the next step.)

Generating All Ad Variants

Once you've added everything you'll want to test, click on "Generate."

Marpipe will get to work and voilà ! All of your ad versions will pop up for your review.

Fixing Variants

Sometimes, you'll see a version that looks a little odd. It could be the image is a different size so it doesn't fit the way you want in the template, the text looks off, etc.

There are three ways you can fix issues like these:

  1. You can go back and adjust your Artboard - this will, of course, affect the other versions as well. Therefore, we really only recommend this if the variants show a consistent issue that need to be fixed in the template itself.

  2. You can go back to the Variant building, and adjust the one asset (maybe you just want to remove it for now, for example).

  3. If it's just a few individual versions with an issue, you can click Edit Individual to make adjustments within that one version, without affecting the others.

One you're done, re-generate your creatives to review again.

Everything looking good? Great, now it's time to launch!

Side note: If you want to use these creatives on platforms other than Facebook/Instagram, you can! Click the "Download Bundle" in the upper right and they will export to a .zip file, ready to upload elsewhere.

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