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Zooming and Panning the Canvas
Zooming and Panning the Canvas

Learn about all of the different ways that you can control the new Ad Builder Canvas

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Need to alter your ad builder view to get a better view of your creative? Here are all of the different ways that you can move around the canvas (watch the video):

Change the zoom levels of the canvas

  1. Ctrl (CMD) +/- to change zoom

  2. Ctrl (CMD) + scroll wheel to change zoom

  3. Pinch gesture on trackpad (Mac) to change zoom

  4. Use the zoom menu to change zoom

Pan through the artboards

  1. Hold spacebar and click + drag to pan around your artboards

  2. Select layers in the left panel to quickly move between artboards

  3. Select layers on the canvas to make adjustments


  • Hold shift and scroll (Windows) to pan horizontally

  • Scroll in any direction to pan in that direction (Mac)

  • View corresponding variant layers when selecting a variant from an artboard

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