Templated Text Assets

Use the text content from your product catalog to dynamically fill text layers in your design

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Most of the information in your product catalog will be text based. Info like price, title, description, top review, etc function as inputs to the text layers in your your enriched feed design.

Templated Text

There are times in which you’ll want to include your column information into value props

Any column with text that is inserted to a text layer on the canvas will simply fill the text layer with exactly what is in the product feed.

You can insert column text in your text assets:

  1. In the text editor, click Insert Column

  2. In the Insert text from column panel on the right, select a column you want to insert from the column dropdown

  3. Click Insert

Then you will see the column text is added to the text asset. The column name that is encased in brackets - {{column_name}} - will be replaced with the info from the catalog but the rest of the text in text asset will remain as it is.

When you drag a text layer that contains column text to the canvas, the layer will be automatically linked to the templated_text column.

You can also manually type the column name in double curly brackets {{ }} to insert the column text.

From our top selling {{product_category}} collection >>>> From our top selling Cocktail Dress collection

{{title}} in {{color}} >>>> Boho Maxi Dress in beige

Column Modifiers

You can adjust the output of the information in a column by adding a column modifier to your templated text. Modifiers will be added inside the column name separated by a vertical bar |

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