Linking Feedonomics to Marpipe

How to setup your source feed when using Feedonomics

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Use the guide above to make sure that you have your feed setup with the appropriate settings. Once you have setup the export, push it live and import the URL into Marpipe using the username and password from Feedonomics.


Click exports in feedonomics
  1. Login to Feedonomics and go to the exports section

  2. Choose Facebook Dynamic Product Ads as the template

  3. Name your feed as MP Feed

  4. Make the filename "mpfeed.csv"

  5. Change GZip to none

  6. Choose "Use My Feedonomics SFTP"

  7. Click "Add Export"

  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  9. Check "Force Quoted Fields"

  10. Add " as the escape and enclosure character

  11. Change tab to comma

  12. Submit edits

  13. Set your update schedule

  14. Push the export

  15. Copy the feed URL, username, and password and import into Marpipe

Adding your Feedonomics URL to Marpipe

In order to add your URL to Marpipe and connect your product feed, format the URL as the following:


where mpfeed.csv is the selected export filename from Feedonomics. You can then add in your username and password under SFTP options to allow Marpipe access to the feed.

If you're experiencing an error in uploading your feed, try checking Source Feed Has Comments. If you are still experiencing trouble uploading, please contact support.

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