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Adding Your Source Feed to the Canvas
Adding Your Source Feed to the Canvas

Learn how to turn your source feed columns into layers to build a design

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When you are creating a feed design, there are several ways to allow you to preview your feed on the canvas using an example product row. You are able to gain a better idea of how your final DPA will look like during the design process.

Use a Column asset on the Canvas

  1. Click on the Source Feed icon in your left navbar

  2. Drag your desired column asset onto the artboard

  3. Begin designing!

Change Linked Column

To change the column your layer is linked to, double-click the linked layer on the artboard and select the new column from the dropdown.

Add Column Modifier

Text columns can use column modifiers to help change the way the information in the linked column is output. To add column modifiers, double-click the linked text layer on the artboard and select + Add Column Modifier. Then, select the modifier you'd like to add.

Shuffle Through the Sample Data from Feed

You are able to shuffle through different product rows as the example asset to preview on the canvas. To do that, you should:

  1. From left navigation, click Columns tab

  2. Click shuffle button on the top of the column panel

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