Adding a User to Your Account

Add/Remove/Edit users in your account

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In Marpipe, it's easy to add users to your account. Here is a short video walkthrough of the process, with the steps outlined below it.

Add/Remove user to the Account

  1. Log into Marpipe and navigate to Settings in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  2. Click Invite Members, then enter the email of the user you want to add. To add more than one user, add a space after entering their email, or press Return.

  3. Assign the user to the account(s) you want them to have access to.

  4. Assign a User Role.

    Admin gives the user full access to your account, including the ability to upgrade your plan, change billing information, and add and remove users. Contributor only gives the user access to the design tools. This is the recommended option.

  5. Click Send Invite and an email will be sent to the user, inviting them to join your account.


  • There are currently no limits to the number of users you can add to an account.

  • You can click the 'X' button next to the user email to remove the user from all accounts.

  • You can click the Edit button to change the existing user role or add/remove them from additional accounts.

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