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View Your Source Feed

Inspect your source feed to see how you can filter and pull in the correct products for your design

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When designing an enriched catalog, it's helpful to know what your source feed looks like to get an idea of what information can be taken advantage of.

Inspect Source Feed

On the left navbar of your account, you'll see a section named Source Feed. Clicking this will open up a spreadsheet showing all of the columns, images, and information that can be used to design your enriched feeds. This information can also be used to create filters in your designs.

View Errored Rows

If you come across a warning showing errored rows when uploading your feed, you can use the Inspect Source Feed feature to view which rows are emitting errors.

In the top right of the Inspect page, check the box ⚠️ Show only rows with errors.

This will filter down to only the rows receiving error messages. Scroll over to the last column labeled error_messages to see what errors are being shown.

Correct any of these errors through your source feed provider. Once the errors are resolved in your source feed, you can manually refresh your feed in Marpipe to update it.

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