Plan-Based Allowances

SKU/Feed allowances based on your selected plan

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SKUs (stock keeping units) are codes that you can use internally to track your inventory and report on your sales

Depending on your selected plan, you'll be given an allowance of how many SKUs you can have published per feed, as well as an allowance of how many feeds you can have published at a time.

Allowances are based on the output of feeds, rather than the input of the source feed.

SKU Allowance

Your SKU allowance is based on the number of products rendered out per published output feed. For example, if your source feed contains 2k SKUs, but your plan allows you 1k SKUs, you may still upload your entire source feed into the platform; however, each published enriched feed may only contain up to 1k SKUs.

If an enriched feed contains more than the allowed number of SKUs, Marpipe will only render up to the allowance of your tier. This means there will likely be products filtered in that will not contain the enriched design.

You can either use filters to reduce the number of incoming products to below your allowance, or increase your allowance to the next available tier.

Feed Allowance

If your plan contains a feed limit, each published design will add toward your total feed allowance. Published design allowances count across all output feeds. For example, if your plan allows 5 designs, then you may publish 5 designs into a single output, 5 outputs with 1 design each, or any combination between. You may not exceed the total number of published designs based on your plan. If you attempt to exceed the total number of published feeds, you'll be asked to unpublish a feed before proceeding or select a different plan to increase your allowance.

Each SKU is Unique to the Product Variation

Because each variation (size, color, etc) of a single product contains a unique SKU, importing a source feed containing only the parent products will give undesirable results when adding the enriched feed link to Commerce Manager. Every SKU for a product must be accounted for in order to enrich it in Commerce Manager.

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