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Image Layer Properties

a breakdown of the editable properties for image layers

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Transform contains your layer's position, size, and rotation properties

X & Y relate to the horizontal and vertical coordinates within the canvas. These coordinates are pulled from the top-left corner of the layer's bounding box.

W & H relate to the width and height of the bounding box itself.

R relates to the rotation of the layer. Rotation is indefinite; however, you'll notice that visually the rotation it limited from 0° to 359°


Layer contains your layer's visual properties - opacity and rounded corners

Opacity is denoted by a slider that ranges from 0-100%

Rounded corners is a value that ranges from 0-9999. The higher the value, the more rounded your corners. To access individually rounded corners, click on the ellipses to the right of the value:


Layout is where you can manipulate the image within the bounding box

Remove BG will intelligently erase backgrounds behind a product

Turning on Remove BG may increase render times and is not always 100% accurate in true background removal


Fit allows you to define how you want your image to be fitted within the bounding box:

Image Cover will scale the image up to fill the bounding box regardless of the box's size. This method is helpful for images in which sizes are the same and subjects are less likely to be cropped.

Image Contain will dynamically scale the images down, ensuring nothing gets cropped regardless of the bounding box size. This fit works best for varying images that can't be cropped but are similar enough in size

AI Image Fit

AI Image Fit will intelligently scale the image up or down, filling the rest of the bounding box with either extended backgrounds or placing a scaled, blurred image behind it.

AI Image Fit may increase render times. Results may vary based on original image's content

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