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Learn about how to use AI to write copy into your product feed

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Marpipe AI allows you to automatically generate ad copy for every product in your store. After scanning the information for each product in your source feed, our AI creates new columns that can be used as dynamic text layers within your design or as the post copy within Meta.

Use AI Copy in Your Design

  1. Upload source feed to Marpipe

  2. In Ad Builder, click on the Source Feed icon (first icon) in your left nav bar

  3. In the Source Feed panel, scroll down to the text section, select AI Columns tab. you'll see that the 4 AI generated columns are available for each product. Drag and drop to add them to the canvas

AI Copy Type

For each product in the source feed, there will be 4 AI generated columns: AI Title, AI Description, AI Value Prop and AI Testimonial.

Enhance Post Copy

You can enhance your catalog ads by using Marpipe's AI copy to populate unique text for every product in your feed.

When publishing your enriched feed, choose the replace title or replace description options to use the AI generated copy instead of the existing product page text.

Once you checked replace title or replace description options, you are able to use AI generated title/description in the out-of-image copy for your DPA in the Meta Ad Manager

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