Strikethrough for Text

How to set up your text layer to dynamically strikethrough

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Strikethrough pricing is a strong feature to add into your design. There are two options to add strikethrough - Static Strikethrough & Dynamic Strikethrough.

Static strikethrough is done by simply adding a line element as a layer, placing it over the element you wish to strikethrough.

Dynamic strikethrough uses the text layer's Textbox property as a way to dynamically adjust the size of the strikethrough based on how many characters per product row. Below are the steps to achieve dynamic strikethrough

This effect will only work for single line copy

1. Make sure Text Wrapping is off & switch the bounding box mode to Auto With

2. Set the Transform Height (H) to the width of your strikethrough line

3. Turn on Textbox - Stroke and set to the width if your strikethrough line

4. Adjust Left/Right Padding to expand the line an appropriate width

That's it! You now have a dynamically adjusting strikethrough line on your text asset!

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