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Give different product sets their own unique look before

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Every output feed generated consists of designs and treatments:

Design - A creative template that applies to a product set

Treatment - A group of one or more designs that can be applied to a catalog ad

When there are multiple designs within a treatment, any product from your feed can only exist in one of the designs for that treatment. You can control exactly which design a product will have by adjusting the filters per design, or control the priority order of the designs.

Design Priority

Every design you add to a treatment has a priority order number visible on it’s left hand side. Designs with a higher priority number will overwrite products that are also present in designs with a lower priority order. Each design list item has a count of products based on the applied filters.

You can see the final number of products a design will be applied to by looking at the product count next to the Venn-diagram icon. If there is no additional product count on a design list item, that means that this design has no products that are being overwritten by another design.

For example - let’s say that you currently have a design that applies to all products. That design is added to your treatment.

When you have an upcoming sale just for products that are labeled as shoes, you can simply add your shoe sale design as design 2 in your output feed. Since the sale design is filtered to only include shoes, it will automatically be applied to all products that match the filter criteria while the products that don’t match will maintain the original design.

You now add a second design to your treatment that is filtered to only include shoes. Any products that fall within these filters will now have the second design applied, instead of the first.

You can even take this further by adding a third design that only matches boots. This design will now replace any products from design 1 or 2 that match the boot criteria. By stacking your designs, you can completely customize the look and feel of any product that may be shown in the catalog ad.

Updating designs

You can continue to add, remove, reorder, or update designs in treatments as needed. Whenever you make changes to a treatment, you will need to click Publish Updates to commit those changes to the feed. These updates will appear in Meta on the next feed request from your catalog, either scheduled or manually by you. If left unpublished, you will see a an Unpublished Changes badge next to any designs that have been updated and will not see these updates in Meta.

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