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The AdBuilder Overview
The AdBuilder Overview
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The AdBuilder is the core design tool for all of Marpipe's products. Its primary function is to allow you to design templates that will used to generate hundreds/thousands of iterations.

The Interface

The AdBuilder's interface consists of 4 main zones: Canvas, Toolbar, NavBar, & Layer Properties


The canvas is where you'll do all of your designing. The canvas is defined as the space where all of your layers can be moved around in. The Artboard is the visible boundary of your design. Any layer or part of a layer that is off of the artboard will not be visible when rendering. You can change the color of the Artboard by clicking on the small swatch just above the artboard and using the color picker.

All of your layers are contained it bounding boxes that can be adjusted in position, size, and rotation. If you'd like to make micro or macro adjustments to your design, you can zoom and pan around the canvas using your keyboard and mouse or trackpad.

The Toolbar

The toolbar is located at the top of the interface, and is where you can switch between Select, Text, and Shape Mode, as well as undo & redo actions, change the placement size, and zoom in and out of the canvas.

On the left side of the toolbar is your design name, you can rename your design there


The NavBar is located on the left side of the interface. This is where you'll find your saved assets such as images, text, and graphics. You can also access layers and publicly available elements at the bottom of the NavBar


Below the libraries in your NavBar, you'll find your layers panel. You can select individual layers to view their properties on the right and rearrange the layer order by clicking the six dots to the left of that layer and dragging to the desired order. Double-Click the layer name to rename it.

Layer Properties

There are 3 types of layers, each with their own set of editable properties - Text, Image, & Graphic. You can find the properties of any selected layer on the right side of the interface. You must select a layer to view its properties.

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