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Enriched Catalog Dictionary

Definitions of the terms you'll run into with dynamic product ads & enriched cataogs

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Dynamic Product Ad Language


An item in your store that is being sold online


Shop Keeping Unit - a unique alphanumeric combination used by retailers to identify and track products. Retailers use different SKU numbers for different products based on their features like price, manufacturer, color, style, type, and size.


A list of all of the products within your store and their relevant information. Normally visualized as a spreadsheet. Each row is a different product within your store. Each column is a specific trait of that product - price, color, style, description, etc.

As products move in and out of your store, the feed is updated to reflect the newest inventory.


A storage cell for your feed within commerce accounts. Each catalog contains your feed and is connected to a pixel/event tracker. As products are bought, the purchase information is saved so the catalog can favor best sellers.

Product Set

A filtered down group of products in your feed. Using the column and row information, you can create specific product sets that can be used to advertise.

Catalog Ad

An ad within your marketing campaigns that pulls products from your catalog to display as an ad. These ads contain the product image as the core creative of the ad, and can use different columns within your feed to create the headlines and primary text of your ad.

Catalog Campaign

A group of ads whose catalog is set on the campaign level. Each product set is defined on the ad set level, so the ad is merely there to display the product information.

Enriched Catalog Language


A single template built in AdBuilder that will generate creative for every product in a designated product set


Multiple designs grouped together to be assigned to an ad.

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