Creating an Output Feed
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An output feed is a generated URL containing all of your product information plus the new treatments you've created.

Only one output feed is needed per catalog you manage. To create an output feed, go to the Output Feeds tab at the top. Then, click New Output Feed. You'll only need to have one output feed per catalog you intend to connect to.

You'll be able to name your output feed and select Single Treatment or a Multi-Treatment feed mode

After you click Create, you'll be able to start managing your new output feed!

Multi-treatments are currently only available for Meta. All other channels require a Single Treatment feed.

Output Fields

By default the enriched output feed will include all of the fields present in your source feed + the new image fields added by Marpipe. This is useful because it allows you to use the Marpipe feeds as your primary data source in an ad platform.

However if you only want to use Marpipe as a supplementary feed, you have the option to only include the image fields in the output. To choose this option open the settings within an output feed and toggle on "Only include image fields".

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