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Manage Treatments

How to add, remove, and rename treatments in your feed.

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Multi-treatment feeds allow you to run multiple ad concepts simultaneously within a single catalog. Once you've created your multi-treatment feed, you'll be able to manage all of your designs and treatments.

Add Treatment

In order to add a new treatment to assign to its own set of ads, click + New Treatment at the bottom of your Output Feed, name your treatment, and click Create.

This will create a treatment slot for you to add designs and assign to ads.

Meta restricts the total number of treatments a product can have to 19. If your output feed contains more than 19 treatments, your new treatment may not appear in the assigned ad as expected. It's best to remove or replace old treatments in your feed in order to stay within this limit.

Rename or Delete Treatment

To rename your treatment, hover over the treatment name of the treatment you want to edit. A pencil and a trash can will appear next to the treatment name. Click the pencil to rename the treatment.

To delete your treatment, click the trash can icon next to the treatment. In order to confirm this deletion, you'll need to click Publish Updates to fully remove it.

Deleting a treatment will send the designs back into Drafts. You will still be able to use these designs later.

Set a Primary Treatment

Multi-treatment feeds output the added treatments as additional images, leaving the main image (image_link) as the original source feed image. Unless a treatment is assigned to an ad, by default that ad will use the primary image. You can set one of your treatments to run as the main image, so all unassigned catalog ads will use the set Marpipe creative instead.

To set a primary treatment, click on the treatment options to the right and clicking Set as default image

The primary treatment will be marked by a yellow crown next to the treatment name:

You can remove the primary treatment by going to treatment options and clicking Remove from default.

As there is only one image_link column in the feed, only one treatment can be set as the primary treatment at any given time

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