Scheduling Enriched Feed Updates

Set a date/time for your output feed to go live with specific changes to creative or filters.

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Instead of publishing the latest version of your output feed immediately, you can create a new scheduled change to go live at a specific date/time. This allows you to update treatments to reflect shifting promotional periods without waking up in the middle of the night to flip the button.

What kind of changes can be scheduled?

Can be scheduled

Cannot be scheduled

  • Adding designs

  • Removing designs

  • Changing filters

  • Re-Ordering design priority

  • Edits to an existing design

  • Adding/Removing Treatments

  • Treatment/Ad assignments

How to make a new schedule block

  • Go to the details page for your output feed

  • Click schedule

  • Create a new scheduled update

  • Set Name, Date, Time, Timezone

  • Edit the state of the output feed. The state of the output feed on this scheduled page will be the state that starts publishing at your targeted date/time.

  • Click save

On the output feed details page, you can access the schedule modal from the button underneath publish.

On the right side of the schedule page you will set a date, time, and timezone. Once you save the update then it will begin the publishing process at this time.

Example - Schedule Sale Design

If you want to change the look of your live ads you will need to schedule changes to the treatment that is assigned to the ad.

In the example below, "Treatment 1" is already assigned to ads in our ad account. We want to change the look of "Treatment 1" on the date that our sale goes live.

We create a new scheduled change where "Spring Sale" is added to "Treatment 1". "Spring Sale" now replaces "Evergreen Yellow BG" because it's filters overlap all products.

When the schedule runs, the output feed shifts from the state on the left to the state on the right and the image creative in the ads assigned to "Treatment 1" is updated in the ad account.

To revert our ads back to the original state we would create another schedule block for the day the sale is over that only includes our evergreen design in "Treatment 1". When this schedule runs, the "Spring Sale" design will be removed since it is not in the new output feed state defined by our schedule.

Think of a scheduled update as a future state of an output feed. When the scheduled date/time is reached, the system automatically replaces the current live feed with the version established in the schedule block.

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