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Take a tour of the Enriched Catalogs homepage

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Feed Index Page

From the Enriched Catalogs - Feeds index page, you are able to easily see which enriched feed designs you have created and what their current statuses are.

Source Feed Settings

Click "Update Source Feed" to open the source feed settings window. From here you can change the source Feed URL as well as update the feed's settings

If your source feed fails to upload initially, try checking "Source Feed Has Comments"

If your source feed still fails to upload, check here for potential causes

Open a feed design in the ad builder

Select any feed item in the title area to open that feed in the ad builder.

Make a new feed design

Select "New Design" from the top right corner to create a new feed design. You will have the option to create a new design from the following options:

Additional Options

  • Copy URL: Copies the feed URL to your clipboard. Paste in ad network catalog to use enriched designs in DPA ad creative. You can also copy the feed URL by clicking the copy button directly besides the option button.

  • Edit Filters: Opens the enriched feed settings modal. Add or remove filters and click render feed to publish your changes to the output feed.

  • Inspect Feed: Opens a spreadsheet view of the enriched feed

  • Unpublish: Feed no longer syncs with the catalog it was added to.

  • Clone and Edit: Duplicate this enriched catalog. This will create a new design in your account and the new design will have its own unique feed URL.

  • Delete: Delete a feed from your account

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