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Common Source Feed Upload Errors and How to Fix them
Common Source Feed Upload Errors and How to Fix them

This article lists common source feed errors and provides tips on handling them.

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Potential Error

Source feed is missing the required fields


The source feed must include the following fields.

  • ID

  • Title

  • Description

  • Availability

  • Condition

  • Price

  • Link

  • Image_link

  • Brand

  • Fb_product_category

  • Google_product_category

Potential Error

Missing username/password


This is a common issue with sftp source feeds. Make sure that you input a username and password in the source feed upload settings.

Potential Error

Mismatching formats


Make sure that the format of your source feed matches the format you select when uploading. Marpipe supports XML, CSV, and TSV. If you get an upload error try selecting a different format.

Potential Error

Column titles are capitalized


Make sure that the columns in your source feed feature no capital letters. Ex: "ID" should be "id", "Google_product_category" should be "google_product_category"

Potential Error

Feed comments


Sometimes source feeds contain hidden comments in the URL. If you’re having issues uploading, try checking the “Source Feed Has Comments” option and then upload again.

If you're still having trouble uploading the feed, please contact support.

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