Uploading Your Source Feed

All the information you need to upload your source feed to Marpipe

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Source feeds are either scheduled URLs or files that contain all of the product info from your online store. Most source feeds look something like this:

  • sftp://feedmanagementplatform.com/:incoming-files/folder/filename.csv

  • filename.csv

Upload Your Source Feed

You can upload your source feed in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Paste your source feed URL into the Product Feed URL field

  2. Retrieve your source feed from Meta Commerce Manager*

  3. Upload a CSV file from your computer

Confirm the type of products & feed format from the dropdowns:

Hidden Comments

Sometimes source feeds contain hidden comments. If you’re having issues uploading, try checking the Feed Has Comments option and then upload again.

STFP Options

Source feeds linking to an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) require a username and password to connect. You can input this information under the SFTP Options.

Source Feed Requirements

The source feed must include the following fields (column titles are case sensitive):

  • id

  • title

  • description

  • availability

  • condition

  • price

  • link

  • image_link

  • brand

  • fb_product_category

  • google_product_category

SFTP Feeds (Feedonomics Specific)

Feedonomics is a popular feed management platform that outputs feed URLs in sftp format.

Feedonomics URLs usually look something like: sftp://app.feedonomics.com:/incoming/brand_name/feedfile.csv

  • Make sure that you are inputting the correct file path after the root domain name

  • Make sure that you use a ":/" before "incoming" in the URL

XML Feeds

Marpipe requires the same XML formatting that Meta outlines here.

If using XML format, make sure that SKUs are represented using "item".

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