How to get a Feed URL from Shopify

Create a feed URL from your Shopify store to import into Marpipe

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To get started with Enriched Catalogs, first make sure that you have the Shopify plugin Flexify.

Flexify lets you turn your Shopify catalog into a feed URL that automatically updates as your inventory and product information changes.

Copy your URL from the Flexify App

  1. Install the Flexify App

  2. Open the Flexify App and choose "Create feed"

  3. Wait for the feed to finish creating and then select "Copy feed url to clipboard"

  4. Paste the Feed URL into the source feed settings in Marpipe. Set the format as XML and the feed type as "Product"

  5. Continue with the upload from there. Now you're Shopify store is connected to Marpipe.

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