Updating and Syncing Source Feeds

How changes to product information are reflected in Marpipe

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We recommend that you update your source feed once a day to keep the inventory information in your catalogue up to date. After you've uploaded the data feed to Marpipe, it will not start fetching updates automatically until you have an enriched feed that is being requested regularly by an ad network. You can manually trigger Marpipe to fetch updates to your source feed by opening the source feed settings and selecting continue.

Automatic Source Feed Updates

When you have pasted an Enriched Feed URL (generated in Marpipe) to your ad network then you will see that feed now has the live status within the Marpipe Platform.

When you have a live feed Marpipe will automatically pick up on how often the ad network is requesting updates for that URL.

Before the next predicted request Marpipe will check your source feed URL for changes in product count or product information.

When changes to the source feed are detected, Marpipe will update all of your live feed to reflect the changes found in the source so that the changes will take hold when the ad network requests the enriched feed later.

It may take multiple sync cycles before you see the source feed changes take place within the ad network catalog. If the ad network is checking for updates more frequently than 3 hours, you will most likely a notice a delay between your store information and the information that is present in the ad network.

You can manually force a source sync from the source feed settings window by clicking the refresh button:

Once you've manually triggered a sync, publish updates from your enriched feeds and force a request in the ad network to see changes take hold immediately.

Manually Refresh Source Feed

  1. Go to the Feeds tab

  2. Select the 'Update Source Feed' button

  3. Input the new Feed URL (Source Feed Requirements)

  4. Input the username/password if required.

  5. Select Continue and you will see your feed updating.

Updating Source Feed URL

  1. Go to the Feeds tab

  2. Select the 'Update Source Feed' button

  3. Select the 'Delete' button to remove the outdated CSV

  4. Select the 'Upload CSV' button to upload the updated CSV.

  5. Input the username/password if required.

  6. Select the source feed format and type.

  7. Select Continue and you will see your feed updating.


  • If you are experiencing errors in updating/refreshing the source feed URL, please ensure the feeds are formatted as per Marpipe's requirements.

  • If you're still having trouble please contact support.

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