Add Output Feed to a Catalog

How to add your Marpipe feed URL to your catalog

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Once you've created and published your output feed, it's time to add it into your catalog.

Meta Catalogs - Via Marpipe

To add your published feed to a catalog in Meta, you can use the Connected Catalogs button within your output feed page.

A window will appear showing all of the catalogs this output feed is currently connected to. Click on Upload to a new Catalog

Select the Business Account & Catalog you'd like to connect to. You have the option to upload as either a supplementary feed or replace your existing feed. Once you confirm the upload, you'll see the feed uploading into the catalog within a few minutes.

If your catalog is directly connected to a store such as Shopify or WooCommerce, you'll need to manually upload your feed using the process below.

Manual Upload

You can also upload the feed manually by copying the published feed URL on the upper section of the right panel. Then go to your platform's catalog and follow the process to upload your new product feed URL.

Multi-Treatment Output Feeds are only supported by Meta. If you wish to use Marpipe treatments on other platforms, please use a Single Treatment Feed

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